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(prices subject to change at any time without notice)


Full Hook Ups:

Monthly Rates

30 amp trailer: $1,100 1-2 people

50 amp trailers: $1,250 1-2 people

Daily Rates

30 amp trailer: $70 1-2 people

50 amp trailer: $80 1-2 people


Dry Camping:

Daily- $50 1-2 people



Daily: $50 1-2 people


Day Use/ Picnic Area:

Per vehicle (up to 4 people): $50/ day, $10 per additional person

Groups (more than 10 and up to 20 adults): by appointment, please call manager

General/ Misc. Rates:


Credit Card Transactions: All credit card transactions are subject to a 3% fee. Credit card payments may be made in person or over the phone.

Security deposit: One month’s rent security deposit required for all monthly campers ($1,100 minimum). No personal checks accepted for 1st month’s rent and security deposit (zelle to, cash, cashier’s check, credit card, or money orders only).

Park Wifi: $30/ month, $3/ day

Late Fee: $10 per day if not received by the 5th

Bounced Check Fee: $65 per bounced check

Credit Check: $60 per adult applicant (if required)

Additional people: $100/ month, $8/ day. Kids 4 and under FREE

Pets: $40/ month, $5/ day. No aggressive dogs or breeds allowed.

Additional autos: $60/ month, $5/ day (more than 1 car per lic. driver and/ or 2 max.)

Off road/ motorcycles/ other: Up to 2 motorcycles or off road vehicles allowed (to be parked or stored outside) per space. $30 per month for additional motorcycles or off/road vehicles, by permission only (case by case - please ask manager).

Sewer dump fee: $25 per dump/ $20 for overnight guests AlParagraphl RV’s must be 15 years old or newer (not applicable to restored vintage trailers, such as airstreamsForm, in good condition).

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